Specialising In Steam Produced
Distilled Water Since 1920

Distilled Water

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Established in 1920, we are a business that has been producing and supplying steam distilled water. We additionally export overseas for the convenience of our clientele.

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We are about to complete our century in the field, with almost 100 years specialising in distilled water.

Litres Available

Our distilled water is available as from 1 litre, with maximum capacity of 1000 litres.

Industries We Serve

We serve the medical sector, food industries, steam irons, beauty salons and other fields.

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Steam Distillation

For nearly a century, B.E. Products Pty Ltd is the largest manufacturer and supplier of steam distilled water. Steam distillation is the only water purification process that produces 100% pure water.

Our steam distillation is an effective method that gets rids of all inorganic minerals and impurities, such as salt, fluoride, chloride, etc. Complies with BP & AS-NZS 4187 Standards.

Steam distillation is an effective water purification process

Distilled Water

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