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Our Water

If it's not steamed, it's not distilled

We’re manufacturers and distributors of Steamed Produced Distilled Water throughout Australia for Medical, Industrial, Beauty and household uses with 95 years experience.

There is only one process that can make 100% pure water; steam distillation. In steam distillation, only pure water (H2O) evaporates, leaving all inorganic minerals such as salt, fluoride, chloride and other impurities behind. If required, a Certificate of Analysis can be issued upon request.

Food Testing Analysis ALPHA METHOD

Steam Distilled Water Victoria

Our product is distributed nationally and can be used for various applications:

  • Medical, dentistry, podiatry, veterinary and optometrist clinics all use distilled water or a very high quality of water for their sterilising machines – ie; autoclaves, prescriptions, labs.
  • Hospitals refer their patients to purchase B.E. Distilled Water regarding disorder units – ie; c-pap machines.
  • Naturopathy, herbal medicines, beauty therapy and salons, body building, all food industries.
  • Commercial and domestic steam irons, car, forklift and solar batteries, laser cutters, film development.
  • Health, fasting detoxification, allergies.
  • Solar Batteries.
  • Federal & States Government Departments.

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