14 Clarice Rd

Box Hill South 3128


(03) 9890 2008

14 Clarice Rd

Box Hill South, VIC 3128


(03) 9890 2008

Purified Water in Melbourne

Products supplies purified water for domestic and commercial purposes throughout Australia.

We also export overseas.

Purified Water By Steam Distillation

Steam distillation is a well-known method of purifying water. At B.E. Products our distillation processes are carefully conducted to eliminate minerals and all types of contaminants (including bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, pathogens, etc.) that normal tap water carries.

Rest assured that our distilled water is completely safe and contains no impurities.

“Getting rid of all types of contaminants and minerals”

Purified Water Melbourne

Reliable Purification Processes

Purified Water Victoria

With over 95 years of expertise, B.E. Products has established a reputation for being a reliable and professional supplier of purified water. Whether you need distilled, demineralised or deionised water, search no further. Our products are available in various quantities and sizes.

We can also issue a certificate of analysis upon request.

“Distilled water available in various quantities and sizes”

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise in purifying water
  • Reliable water purification processed used
  • Water available in different quantities
  • Australian-owned company
  • Export overseas
  • Excellent customer service

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